Branded Holiday Lip Balm

I spotted these in a dollar bin at Target this year.

The printing on the tubes themselves is a bit cheap, but really not that bad for the price point.

The Rudolph Red Berry is a pink color and smells like fake strawberry flavoring, like you might think of “red” flavor in lollipops or popsicles. It tastes faintly of the same.

The Elf’s Story Mint Chocolate Chippey is a rather unappealing taupe color, and it smells a bit like cheap hot chocolate mix. I do taste a little mint in the mix, though.

Like most balms of this style, the color of the balm is not noticeable when wearing, and the flavor and scent fade more quickly than a more expensive product. Also the feel of the balm (especially the Rudolph) feels a bit greasier to me than a Chapstick does, and seems to wear off faster.

However, this product isn’t anywhere near as terrible as I thought it would be, based on the price and branding. These are made by Boston America Corp, which makes an impressive quantity of licensed and novelty candies, lip balms and other small items.