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Podcast Episode 3: Kevin's Shadow

Just in time for Halloween, Mainlining Christmas explores one of Christmas's most infamous horror icons: Kevin McCallister. Listen above, or on Soundcloud , Stitcher , iTunes , or almost any podcast app. References: Home Alone Home Alone 2  The Good Son Better Watch Out :DRYVRS Ep. 1 "Just Me In The House By Myself" starring Macaulay Culkin & Jack Dishel Screen Junkies: Honest Action [i.e.: Marv and Harry body count] Washington Post review for Home Alone 11/16/1990  complains about violence, but doesn’t tie to Kevin directly NYT review of Home Alone 11/16/1990  describes it as a “black comedy for children” Entertainment Weekly 07/25/2007  complains about violence in Home Alone 2 Roger Ebert's review of Home Alone 2 2015 Mashable article arguing Kevin is a sociopath 2015 Entertainment Weekly interview with Home Alone director, Chris Columbus. Includes reference to how frightening it was filming the stunts. Article from The Independent on T

Better Watch Out (2016)

I found Better Watch Out on a list of well-reviewed Christmas movies posted by Rotten Tomatoes and added it to my Netflix queue. Turns out, it's well reviewed because it's a good (arguably great) horror flick. Unfortunately, the bulk of what makes it great are the movie's twists, which I really can't avoid discussing. So. If you're a fan of horror - particularly the psychological variety - you might want to stop reading until you've had a chance to track this one down. In particular, if you love Christmas movies AND horror, seriously: STOP READING NOW. Last warning, and this one's going at the end for a reason. If you're a fan of the Home Alone series who also enjoys horror movies, for the love of God, I hope you never made it to this sentence, because I just gave away way more than I wanted to. For the rest of you, here's a synopsis. Ashley is a seventeen-year-old babysitter looking after Luke, a twelve (almost thirteen) year-old boy. After