Christmas Questions Triviapalooza Game

I bought this game about 3 or 4 years ago off a clearance shelf in (I think) a Barnes and Noble. I probably paid less than a dollar.

If you are interested in the true Mainlining Christmas Experience... If reading this blog makes you want to be here, bearing witness to the full depth of the holiday, I recommend you leave this page and find a way to buy this game immediately.

Okay, are the suckers gone?

This game is crap.

The packaging design is cute: the box folds out into a little board with four tracks. Inside, you'll find a deck of cards with questions on both sides, a sheet of directions, four cheap pawns and a die you have to create with stickers.

We actually have both the Christmas Questions and Christmas Music editions of this game, and in one of the boxes the sticker sheet wasn't properly die-cut, just leaving us with a solid sheet.

To play you simply go around, asking questions of other players. If you get the question right, you roll the die and either move forward that number of spaces or move another player backward the same number. If you land on one of those little 'swipe' spaces you can steal a question from the next player to answer.

The gameplay design wouldn't be so bad, except that the questions are terribly written. There is no balance; the trivia is either so obvious as to be insulting or so obscure as to be ridiculous. Furthermore, many questions seem to have little to nothing to do with Christmas (e.g. what is the circumference of the earth), and many just have incredibly boring subject matter (e.g. what year was Tamagotchi the hot christmas toy).

To win, you need to reach the center and then answer three (if you're playing with four people) questions on your turn. Which means you suffer for a very long time waiting for the stars to align bringing three answerable questions in a row.

When we played this, it soon became hilarious, because of four intelligent adults, two of whom run this blog, not one of us could manage to answer enough questions to win for round after round after round. I couldn’t even get close to the center.

But I stand by what I said above. If you want to understand the inane holiday minutia that it is possible to dive into, if you want to experience the corners people will cut to make a quick buck with holiday-themed crap, in short, if you truly want to understand the meaning of Christmas, you should definitely play Christmas Triviapalooza.


  1. I got the game this year and thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot of stuff about Christmas I never knew.

    1. Huh. All I learned was that the people who made this didn't put much effort into the process.

      Glad your experience was better.


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