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Another Black Friday, Come and Gone

The day after Black Friday is always bittersweet. Not because of those who are trampled to death by throngs of rabid shoppers (there's no need to grieve - those who fall on Black Friday will rise again in Valhalla's Megamart, the greatest of all fates), but because we know we'll have to wait an entire year before the next.

As you've probably guessed, these photos are from our semi-annual Black Friday Party, where we offer friends a place to rest before they head out for a final round of shopping (we assume).

We gathered together, shared some laughs, and reflected on the true meaning of the holiday. Turns it it's consumerism. If you had consumerism on your scorecard, congratulations - you're a winner.

But as much as we'd love to hold onto this moment, Black Friday also serves as a reminder: there's only 395 shopping days until Christmas 2018 (I'm assuming everyone's already prepared for this Christmas - otherwise you're in serious trouble).

Hallmark 2016 Keepsake Ornaments

We like to pretend what we do here at Mainlining Christmas matters, that we're creating something that will last. But deep down, we know better. In the distant, post-apocalyptic Christmases of the future, the cockroaches hyper-evolved by radiation from World Wars 7 through 14 won't be reading this blog. They will, however, decorate the festive spinal columns using Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments.

Because - and this part's important - these things will be around for-freaking-ever.

No one knows why exactly. Perhaps their CEO made a blood pact with a fiend of hell. Or maybe it's branding - whatever the reason, Hallmark ornaments are here to stay.

And this weekend, they unveiled another year's additions to the collection. That's right, you slackers at K-Mart who wait until September to kick off the holiday shopping season, Hallmark understands the true meaning of Christmas in July.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking these aren't worth it. You'…

Nerdtivity: Landing Bay

I know I'm repeating myself here, but since then I picked up a DS9 set, and I figured that would make a better space ship manger than the nativity scene I used last time. I was never really happy with that picture, anyway.

Nerdtivity: Family Resemblance

Sometimes, you look around and realize you have too many dragons NOT to build a nerdtivity out of them.

Nerdtivity: December 18, 2015

Yeah, we know you don't care about the holidays today, but we still have to stay focused. If you're interested, I saw The Force Awakens last night and reviewed it on The Middle Room. Be aware, there are a few spoilers.

Christmas Card: Together for the Holidays

Don't you love the holidays? The way Christmas can bring us altogether? That's the thought that inspired this photo. Well, that and a piece of fruitcake that feels like it's gnawing its way through my rib cage, about to burst out with my intestines dangling off like... like...

Like tinsel on a freshly decorated Christmas tree. God, I love this time of year.

This picture, like those Nerdtivities we did last year, hasn't been adjusted beyond a little cropping. All props were present, and a blacklight was used to create the effect.

Of course, I had to take about a hundred different versions to get the one I wanted. Which actually has a few advantages - here's a little bonus Google generated automatically.

"Look, Ma! I found an ornament!"
Happy holidays, from your friends at Mainlining Christmas.

Bat-Santa Photos

Better late than never, right? Here are some action shots from Bat-Santa wandering around Emerald City Comic-Con. Also, read about how the suit was built here!

Bat-Santa prefers the cold, too.

Kryptonite from his utility belt, tied with a bow.

Just a couple of dark anti-heroes hanging out.

Bat-Santa remains on patrol, and we at Mainlining Christmas  are relieved to have him on the job.

Bat-Santa Returns

The Mainlining crew is headed out to Emerald City Comic-Con today!

Nerdtivity: Ceramics

Tonight's Nerdtivity is meant to remind us that, whatever else they represent to people, Nativity figurines are fundamentally ceramic containers. And you never know what you'll find inside.

Don't worry, though: as soon as Link leaves the room, I'm sure the guard will replace the figurines.

In case anyone's wondering, all the Nerdtivity scenes we're posting were done without digital alteration beyond cropping and/or minor color correction. All objects were physically present at the time the image was taken (and yes, that includes the heart).

Nerdtivity: The Way of the Dead

I have to admit I'm breaking a self-imposed rule on this one. When I started, I planned not to re-use the same figure in the same role. But this is the second time I've had Skeletor stand in as a shepherd. I could have side-stepped this by swapping him out for one of the three kings, but all three of them are kings, while he's just an overlord. I decided technical accuracy was more important than arbitrary rules, so here you go.

Nerdtivity: The Animated Series

This Nerdtivity is intended as something of a tribute to the various animated incarnations of the DC Universe. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't something of a Nerdtivity of convenience, but it would have been criminal not to use the Super Best Friends Forever as the magi in at least one of these.

Nerdtivity: Oh There You Are, Perry

Here's a BONUS Nerdtivity for you. It's relatively straightforward, but at least now we know the answer to one of the Universe's greatest mysteries.

Nerdtivity: Melee

First of all, I'm pleased to report that our first Nerdtivity, Away Team in a Manger, has won the democratic portion of the Nerdtivity contest. Victory is ours!

Today's Nerdtivity is inspired by my all-time favorite video game, Super Smash Bros. Melee. They should really include this level in the next version.

In case anyone's wondering, all the Nerdtivity scenes we're posting were done without digital alteration beyond cropping and/or minor color correction. All objects were physically present at the time the image was taken.

I know I said we were going to do one a day, but got a little carried away creating Nerdtivities and ran out of days to present them. To that end, we're adding three bonus Nerdtivities to tomorrow's schedule. Look for them throughout the day.

Nerdtivity: Child of No Father, Born to Save the World

For the last week and a half leading up to Christmas, we're posting a "Nerditivity" scene every night at midnight. I hope this photo speaks for itself.

(Hint: one of the things it says is f*ck you, New 52.)

In case anyone's wondering, all the Nerdtivity scenes we're posting were done without digital alteration beyond cropping and/or minor color correction. All objects were physically present at the time the image was taken.