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By Means of Explanation

This is an experiment.  And we are the guinea pigs. This experiment is about Christmas.  More specifically, it is about the Christmas season, running from Black Friday through December 25th.  It's not unusual to hear people lament that, during this stretch, the commercialism and trappings are inescapable. This is, of course, untrue. There are numerous escapes from the holidays.  There are shelters in our homes.  We can turn the channel when a special comes on.  And, no matter how hard radio stations try, no one is actually forced to listen to Christmas music 24-7. Christmas, while certainly obtrusive, is not all encompassing.  But what if it were? What if someone went the entire time between Thanksgiving and Christmas listening to nothing but Christmas music?  What would happen to the human mind if it were not merely exposed to a scattered selection of Christmas specials, but if it were force fed hour after hour of Christmas movies, specials, and episodes? What is the p