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It's a Very Star Trek Christmas this morning.

Just spotted this clever example of video editing via  Fashion It So , a STNG fashion blog.  (You can stop watching after the song, unless you're really into the author plugging his video game project.) If you're wanting a dash more Trek today, you can also jump over to the webcomic Larp Trek for last year's holiday special. Don't forget, boys and girls, Star Trek is an integral part of Christmas. Hallmark says so .

More Holiday Flash Games

What’s this, what’s this, here at the bottom of the internet? Why, it’s an early present just for you! Some games to play. Otherwise you’ll just work on that end-of-year report, and you’ve got plenty of time for that… Monkey Go Happy Christmas  PencilKids has made a cottage industry out of short silly games about monkeys and clicking. Choose your monkey, give him or her a holiday hat, and just click to explore. Find all the Christmas items to make the monkey happy. It only takes a minute. You don’t want the monkeys to be sad! Infectonator: Christmas Edition   Like most of these games, this had a non-Christmas version first. Click to start a holiday zombie apocalypse, collect coins from dying citizens to upgrade your zombies, and do it again! Sugar, Sugar: The Christmas Special   Sugar Sugar is a clever game of physics and patience with a pleasant mellow soundtrack. Draw lines with your mouse to direct falling sugar sprinkles into a mug. This game is all that in a ho

The Date is Set

The most recent "How to do Everything" podcast opened with a statistician calculating the date of the Christmas Singularity, when Christmas Creep will cause holiday decorations to start appearing the previous Christmas. He crunched some numbers and came up with 2099, which was already slated to be an interesting year . Have a listen if you're interested . The Christmas section only occupies the first few minutes, but the rest of the podcast is pretty interesting, assuming you care about things that aren't Christmas.

Sporcle Christmas Quizzes!

Everyone got some time? Slow day at work? It had better be, because if you haven't been down the internet rabbit-hole known as Sporcle before, you're in for a treat. Sporcle is a quiz site, and while not all the quizzes are great (they are submitted by users), the site is really addictive. Here I've picked out for you my favorite Christmas quizzes. Challenge yourselves! Here's a funny one to get you started. Type in the name of the Christmas carol (or holiday song) indicated by the reworded clue. So "the holiday prior to this one" would be "Last Christmas" or "Can you register a sound that I am also registering" for "Do you hear what I hear" The clues aren't all as smoothly written as they could be, but many of them you'll probably be able to figure out even if you aren't familiar with the carol. Now that you've had a warm up, the next two are also about Christmas son


Anyone who knows anything about Christmas knows that Mainlining Christmas is the only site on the internet that truly encapsulates the holiday in its entirety. Normally, I wouldn't think a statement so manifest by the unnatural light of a million multi-colored bulbs would require further explanation. But apparently, I'd be wrong. Because, apparently, we're not the only ones laying claim to Christmas. Recently, I came across . The bottom of their page proclaims, " is the Official Website of Christmas 2012." First off, who the hell approved that? Do they have a notarized letter of permission from Jesus? You'd think something like that would belong on their About Us page, and I just checked: it's not there. I guess they feel comfortable backing up that claim. So let's compare content. Mainlining Christmas has reviewed more than a hundred fifty specials, movies, and Christmas-themed television episodes to cull the half do

'Twas the Night Before Christmas, by C. Moore and E.A. Poe

I'm fairly certain this won't be the only time this song gets mentioned this year, but I wanted to highlight it somewhere it wouldn't be buried in a dissertation of holiday music. I came across this video on YouTube earlier this year. The song is from the album " Yulenog 3: Hardest Workin' Man in Christmas ", which I promptly bought. I'll discuss the album in it's entirety elsewhere, but I really love this video and want to make sure everyone gets a chance to check it out. It starts slowly, but trust me - you want to watch the whole thing.

Old Spice MANta Claus

We're not the only ones in the holiday spirit. This week, The Man Your Man Could Smell Like (spokesperson/actor/action hero Isaiah Mustafa) is giving away 7 billion holiday gifts on Youtube. Click here: for the full playlists with each day's announcements. Here's a sampling: Russia, Switzerland, Billings Montana, women named Lorraine and Matt Lauer also already have their gifts. Do you? You're Welcome.

Holiday Flash Games

Yes, it's the holiday season, but you don't need to wrap those presents yet. Come on, you don't really need an excuse to waste time online, do you? For your amusement: a handful of my favorite Holiday themed online games. Factory Balls: Christmas Edition A puzzle game about painting white balls in various patterns.  It's more challenging, and more fun, than it sounds, but won't take that long to finish. Grow: Ornament A bite-size grow game, shorter and simpler than the original Winterbells A simple "use the objects to jump as high as you can without falling" game, set apart by the use of an adorable snowy setting. Garden Gnome Carnage Fling the gnome-on-a-bungee around to fight off legions of Santas and elves as long as you can.  Yeah... it's kinda weird. Christmas Lights Spot-the-Difference Like most spot-the-difference games, this is pretty easy, but there are enough scenes for you to get heartily sick of "

Let's Hope the Naughty-Nice Standards are Calibrated Properly

Is anyone surprised that Robot Santa was made by Japan?  Anyone? Thanks to Gwynne for drawing our attention to this robot monstrosity.

Mega Man X-Mas

Check out this Mega Man inspired Christmas Tree I spotted over at Sprite Stitch ! More pictures at the original post at 8bitfix . Makes thematic sense to me, I mean in Christmas you defeat the 8 reindeer, then move on to the boss...

Christmas in the DCU

DC Women Kicking Ass has begun a marvelous series of Christmas-themed Wonder Woman posts.  This is my favorite so far. From: The most wonderful time of the year: Day 4 of Holiday Wonder Woman