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Ugly Christmas Sweater Kit

The intentionally ugly homemade Christmas sweater worn ironically is something of a trend these days. This prepackaged kit is intended to streamline the process of making your own: it comes with a plain red sweater and a pack of assorted holiday-themed materials. I picked this up after Christmas last year when the price dropped below ten bucks. Normally, it goes for around twenty-five dollars. The sweater is made of relatively thin fabric, which is probably appreciated by anyone wearing one of these at a Christmas party where the thermostat's set higher than seventy. The sheet of black shapes is intended to be used as a set of stencils. There's a piece of white felt you could cut up and include, though I didn't bother. Here's a better look at the included materials: None of this stuff is especially high quality, but it's not really supposed to be. You could assemble the same arts and crafts supplies at a dollar store for next to nothing then pick up a u