Rockefeller Center Tree

You've probably all seen pictures of the tree at Rockefeller Center before.  It's always a very large tree.  I went a couple of times this year to document a few things you might not have seen.

Here is the tree under construction about one week before Thanksgiving:

The scaffolding has staircases running up the sides for the workers to go up and down.

If you get close you can see where the levels are built around the trunk and the branches:

One thing I think is interesting is this pile of branches.  Were they removed for transport and are being reattached?  Are they here to fill out the existing tree because no large tree is as "full" as a Christmas tree should look?

And here are some of the coils of lights waiting to be put up:

  I went back a few weeks later to see the final tree.  On the main approach they always have these lit wicker angels:

I don't remember these spiky things from previous years, but they're okay:

Base of the tree and the Skating Rink:

At the top of the tree, in addition to the giant crystal star, you can see the giant guy wires helping to steady the tree.  They run to the adjacent buildings. 

Another crystal star is on display at ground level to one side of the tree:

And framing the tree are the lines of flags and these large figures:

I got rather close to the tree and zoomed in.  I can see the poles holding up the tree and steadying the branches, and it does look as if some of those aforementioned branches were added for fullness, especially to cover the extensive wiring.

It's impressive, but it's not nearly as impressive as it pretends to be.