Pink Panther: A Pink Christmas (1978)

This was almost good.  Almost.  I remember enjoying Pink Panther cartoons when I was young, but memories are tricky things.

Mostly it was just too long, and too much of the same joke over and over.

The Panther is poor and hungry, and goes through a long series of misadventures trying to get his hands on Christmas dinner.  It's discouraging watching him come close, only to fail, over and over.  I'm sure this is the point, to inspire a sense of seasonal charity, but I felt it missed slightly.  I can't decide if it belabored the point slightly too much, or should have just been more direct, as well as shorter.

If you're already feeling the holiday spirit, this might be a pleasant half-hour.  The ending is sweet,  (although the very last moment kind of ruins it) and it's close to being touching.

It's just slightly too long, slightly too boring, and so it deflates.

If you'd like to see if you disagree, A Pink Christmas is currently streaming on Hulu.