Eureka: Oh, Little Town (2010)

I've never seen an episode of Eureka before, but a friend recommended it and it was on Hulu.  Overall, I thought this was pretty good, though it had some issues.  The main problem was the drama.  Some writers can handle it; others can't.  If you're working in television (or any other media for that matter) a good rule of thumb is never to start a monologue with the words, "When I was young."  If you must go down this path, make sure you do so no more than once per episode.

Yeah, this one was really slow at times.  Fortunately, there were enough clever moments and fun ideas to pick up the slack.  The episode took an interesting approach to the legend of Santa Claus, all the while dealing with your requisite Christmas cliches.  Fortunately, it offered a twist to just about everything going on, and there were some great jokes.

As for the rest, I can't speculate whether I'd have liked it better if I knew the characters or premise.  Regardless, seeing as this is up free of charge on Hulu, I'm going to recommend it if you're looking for some light SF this holiday season.  It's a long way from perfect, but it's worth watching.