Batman: The Animated Series: Holiday Knights (1997)

Damn. When this show is good, it is so amazingly good. I love this episode. We watch it every year, and every year I'm reminded anew how great it is.

“Holiday Knights” consists of four little holiday vignettes, in which plenty of characters get a chance to shine.

On Dec 22nd, Harley and Ivy drug Bruce Wayne so he'll pay for a holiday shopping spree. It's a fantastic showcase for the two villainesses, and a fun piece in general. A great use of an extended shopping montage, and there's an especially excellent score in this section.

On Dec 24th, Batgirl is shopping at “Mayfield's” when she has to help Bullock and Montoya arrest some shoplifters who aren't what they seem. Barbara is smart and professional here, and the cops are undercover in an amusing disguise.

On Dec 31st, the Joker plans to massacre the New Year's Eve crowds, and Batman and Robin (Tim) go after him. Nice planning by the Joker here, and his character is very well written: a good balance between humor and homicide.

The final vignette is a short one that directly follows the Joker's attack (Jan 1, 1:55AM). I won't go into details, but it has what I think is one of the most touching moments in superhero film.

This is a fantastic episode, with real holiday charm. Watch it, you won't be disappointed.