Fifth Avenue Walk, Part Two: Sci-fi bling and tiny stages

Be sure to check out Part One of my walk up Fifth Avenue.

Today we're resuming just North of 55th St, with the windows at Henri Bedel.  I like to call this window the lesbian Nutcracker:

Detail of the life size female Nutcracker (complete with shopping bags?)

Detail of Rat "Queen", Drosselmeyer and Clara mannequins:

Inside the store there are some more fun mannequins, including a bunch of floating ballerinas that didn't photograph well and this one lighting the tree:

Moving on, we soon come to Trump Tower:

And next door is Tiffany's:

Finally we come to possibly the most interesting displays I see most year, between 57th and 58th streets are two stores with really fun windows.  First, Van Cleef & Arpels:

Each one of these tiny windows (and they are fairly small to highlight the jewelry they're selling) has panels that shift and move or spin.  They are designed as tiny old fashioned stages, complete with an orchestra in silhouette at the bottom and box seats at the sides.

Last store on my walk is Bergdorf Goodman.  Last year their windows were all weird dark fairy tales.  This year, there's a fantastical travel theme.

We start with air travel:

It's hard to tell, but this lady is on a horse.

I hate that the glare makes it hard to see.  This model is getting out of a stagecoach:

Check out the details in this nautical window!

I took lots of pictures of this window. It's almost too fabulous for words:

And there's a jeweled octopus in the background!

This model has a bunch of little monkeys working on her old-fashioned car:

And the last window I got a shot of featured a pegasus:

If you make it all the way up to here, almost to Central Park, you'll also see the UNICEF snowflake.

It's suspended high above the street each December.

Yeah, it looks kind of weird close up, doesn't it.  Anyway, I was excited this year to see the steampunk and sci-fi looks in some of the windows.  I don't even have anything snarky to say about this, except that I just about froze my fingers off getting this pictures, so you better have enjoyed them.