It's Christmas. We Got You Something.

So. We've been wracking our brains trying to think of something to get you. And, frankly, it wasn't simple: you're not easy to shop for.

But then we had a revelation. We remembered you were getting an e-reader tomorrow, and--

Oh. Oh, God. That was supposed to be a surprise, wasn't it? We're really sorry. I mean it: we feel awful. Don't let on that we told you, and try to look surprised.

Anyway, seeing as you're about to have a brand new e-reader, courtesy of your parents, child, and/or significant other, we thought, hey! Why not get you a digital book?

Just in time for the Holidays, we're releasing "A Man of Snow and Other Seasonal Stories" FREE of charge. This collection features four pieces of fiction from Mainlining Christmas, as well as a fifth bonus story, which is longer than the other four combined.

It's our way of saying, Merry Christmas. And, Happy New Year. Have a good Easter. Enjoy the Fourth of July.

And so on and so forth.

You can download "A Man of Snow and Other Seasonal Stories" for the Nook here. Kindle format - as well as a half dozen others - are available on Smashwords, in case you get a Sony Reader or something (we're just kidding - your family loves you enough to get you something better than a Sony Reader).


  1. Thanks Erin! I did get an e-reader and I'm happy to have your fiction on it. :)


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