Santa Delivers an Urgent Christmas Message from Greenpeace! (2013)

I stumbled across a story for this on CNN and thought it needed to be shared. This is a commercial ostensibly addressing kids. Since that's the intended audience, you should probably call them into the room if they're home. In fact, you should do that NOW, before you've viewed the video yourself to ensure it won't traumatize them for life or ruin this Christmas and future Christmases to come.

I mean, if Greenpeace put this on Youtube where anyone could come across it, it must be appropriate for all ages, right?

I'm going to set questions of morality, politics, and whether or not we're irreparably destroying the planet aside and focus on the video. In particular, I want to focus on this interpretation of Santa Claus.

I've long been a fan of more realistic versions of Saint Nick, and this certainly fits that description. I like the actor's take here - he seems to be taking this seriously, which is a nice change of pace from what we usually get.

With a little luck, maybe one of the kids who's traumatized by this video will grow up and be inspired to make a movie with a Santa like this one. I'd love to see a less jolly Claus make his way into popular culture.