More Holiday Flash Games

What’s this, what’s this, here at the bottom of the internet? Why, it’s an early present just for you! Some games to play. Otherwise you’ll just work on that end-of-year report, and you’ve got plenty of time for that…

Monkey Go Happy Christmas 

PencilKids has made a cottage industry out of short silly games about monkeys and clicking. Choose your monkey, give him or her a holiday hat, and just click to explore. Find all the Christmas items to make the monkey happy. It only takes a minute. You don’t want the monkeys to be sad!

Infectonator: Christmas Edition 

Like most of these games, this had a non-Christmas version first. Click to start a holiday zombie apocalypse, collect coins from dying citizens to upgrade your zombies, and do it again!

Sugar, Sugar: The Christmas Special 

Sugar Sugar is a clever game of physics and patience with a pleasant mellow soundtrack. Draw lines with your mouse to direct falling sugar sprinkles into a mug. This game is all that in a holiday wrapper.

Plexus: A PieceFull Christmas

It’s a jigsaw, the pieces snap together when they’re places correctly. Simple, right? Nope. Plexus Puzzles exploit the fact that they’re just images and code, not physical pieces, to be fiendishly difficult. All the odd-shaped picture pieces do in fact fit together… eventually.

Robot Unicorn Attack: Christmas

Oh yes they did. The music’s not as straight-up awesome as the original, but they tried really hard. Dream your sugar plum dreams.

First Mainlining Christmas Flash Game Roundup (2011)