Fifth Avenue Windows 2011, Part Two: Taxidermy and sculpture inspired by taxidermy

The best part of checking out window displays in New York is usually the windows at Bergdorf Goodman. This year I took a few more pictures, but I still didn't get everything.

On one side of the building, everything was horses.

Then you round the corner, and there are a few long skinny windows:

The main windows, this year, are titled "Carnival of the Animals". Each window has a different color theme, and a different material. The first window was all brass metals:

The second window, white, done up in fur and crystal:

There was a tiny window near the door that held, well, this:

The third big window was blue, and all done with mosaic tile:

The fourth window was black and white, and all the animals there were made of paper!

The fifth was brown, and all of wood. 

From across the street you can see the effect of the colors:

If you keep going around the third side of the building, the theme alters again, into a handful more windows, which... you know what? Just look:

I especially like this last one, it's creepy:

There were even more odd animal-headed mannequins across the street, but I ran out of time to get more pictures.