Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Christmas Amnesia (1998)

I watched this show back when it aired, and I remember enjoying it. So, it's true, you can never go home again.

This incredibly long-feeling half hour had a unnecessarily complicated plot. I'm going to sum up.

  1. Sabrina, being a teenager, isn't feeling the whole happy-family Christmas vibe
  2. Her aunts decide to double down on cheesy Christmas activities
    1. Cue montage that starts funny and goes on too long
  3. Sabrina is invited to a Christmas Eve party in the magical realm
  4. She goes, only to find out that it's an anti-Christmas party about mocking the holiday (The fact that she doesn't seem to know anyone there doesn't make much sense either.)
  5. She stops them from spying on and mocking people celebrating on Earth and storms out
  6. Only to discover that she has inadvertently deleted the holiday entirely
  7. She tries to convince people to remember Christmas
    1. Cue montage that doesn't start funny, only goes on too long
  8. She finally visits Santa/Father Christmas, only to discover that he's having a nice vacation and tells her that enjoying time with family is important. 
  9. Sabrina and her aunts end up snowed in and enjoy each other's company
    1. Cue montage that starts funny and goes on too long
  10. Sabrina says something about love of family being the most important thing anyway
  11. Christmas reappears! (Even though Sabrina 'learned' this lesson halfway through the episode when she stormed out of the party. There is really no reason for any of this plot.)
  12. Erin and I cry because we discover there are five other Christmas episodes in this series, but I missed them initially because this is the only one with Christmas in the title.

I guess we'll be back later.