Nerdtivity: Away Team in a Manger

UPDATED: Voting is open on the Nerdtivity contest. Head over to this page, pick your favorite, then comment with the corresponding number. Our entry (same as the above image) is #26.

Between now and Christmas, we'll be posting a "Nerditivity" scene every night at midnight. Don't think that means we'll be slacking on the rest of our Christmas duties, though - this is going to push to us to a minimum of four posts a day instead of three.

Tonight, I'm presenting our entry to the "Kevin and Chuck Want You to Make a Nerdtivity Contest", which is what inspired all this. Also, it added the word "Nerdtivity" to our lexicon, for which I'll be forever grateful.

We're calling this one, "Away Team in a Manger," and I'll leave it to you to revisit the question, "Whose child is this?"

In case anyone's wondering, all the Nerdtivity scenes we're posting were done without digital alteration beyond cropping and/or minor color correction. All objects were physically present at the time the image was taken.