Live Blogging the End of the World

As everyone knows by now, the prophesied end of days is scheduled for today. The way I see it, anything that occurs in mid-to-late December is, by definition, part of Christmas, so I wanted to offer some insight into our world's horrible demise as it happens.

Unfortunately, I've got some last-minute Christmas shopping to do, so I'm not going to be able to give the 2012 apocalypse as much attention as I was hoping to. Nevertheless, throughout the day I'll be updating this post, so you can follow along.

Note: all times are Pacific Standard.

9:04 AM: So far, things are pretty quiet out here. Sky's are kind of blood-red, but it's still just raining. It's a little cold, I guess.

9:06 AM: Checking the morning news. Most news sites are reporting the East Coast was swallowed by the ocean. Fox News is claiming liberal bias.

9:08 AM: Small, fiery rock crashed through window. Gonna have to board that up later. Kind of reminds me of the movie "Armageddon." God, I hate that movie.

9:11 AM: Most of the food spoiled overnight. That's weird. Guess I'll have to pick something up later.

9:19 AM: Had to kill 10' scorpion to get to my car then realized I'd forgotten keys. Ha! Heading out to do some shopping. Be back later!

2: 22 PM: Well that was awful. The traffic is hell out there, between the holiday rush and detours due to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Shopping's a nightmare, too. Saw two guys fighting over a Firby at Target, then an old woman knifed someone for a pack of batteries and some bottled water. Christmas always brings out the worst in people. Managed to finish most of my shopping, so that's a plus.

Also, the sky really cleared up here (rare for Seattle this time of year).  Bright and sunny for a solid half hour before fire started raining from the sky.

2:36 PM: Now the dead have risen to feast on the living. Glad I already did my shopping: I can't even imagine how crowded the mall's going to be now.

2:39 PM: Tearing apart furniture for lumber to barricade the apartment. This would be much more difficult if it wasn't all from IKEA.

2:50 PM: In wake of mass hysteria, boiling oceans, and zombie apocalypse, NRA calls for martial law.

3:55 PM: Huh. The sun just went supernova. It's really pretty, but I can't help thinking it could put a damper on the whole solstice thing.

7:04 PM: It's cold now. So very cold. About an hour ago there was a loud noise, and the ground shook. We found out later it was caused by the Earth splitting apart at its center, breaking into two halves which are drifting away from each other slowly. The people near the break died instantly; those of us left have only to wait until the air dissipates in the vacuum of space. It shouldn't be long now. A few hours at most. I'm going to log off, spend the remaining time with loved ones. If anyone out there can still read this, I suggest you do the same.

Goodbye. Goodbye forever.

Oh, and don't forget, we'll have new fiction appearing tonight at midnight, as well as more reviews and maybe a few surprises in the days ahead!