Craft: Weeping Angel Ornament

My first angel project is complete! (Well, she technically needs a coat of sealant, but it hasn't been dry enough to take her outside to spray her.) And yes, she's not currently hiding her face, but her eyes are closed, and I liked the Weeping Angels best when they were about implied danger.

I bought three shiny angels this year for nefarious purposes:

Here's a closer shot of the one for this project:

I bought it very cheap on sale at a craft store. First I gave her a decent sanding, but didn't go overboard, since the dust created by the resin she's made of couldn't be good to breathe in.

She got sprayed down with plastic-friendly primer next. I could still see "Hope" a little too clearly on her banner, so a little Kneadatite epoxy putty took care of that:

And all that was left to do was paint. I first painted her all over a sort of medium gray, and then just kept going over her, adding darker grays to the inset parts where shadows should fall and light grays to the raised parts.

One of the last steps was a final light dry-brushing here and there with a much lighter color to add some texture. Finally I painted in her closed eyes with a tiny brush (and a lot of false starts) and added the word Blink to her banner.

I think it gets the point across.