Craft: Phoenix Angel Ornament

I'm getting more interpretive with the angel motif around here. Isn't she pretty?

Here's what she started out like:

I added Kneadatite over the word "Faith", and then I added some extra flames to her hair and wings:

A light sanding, then plenty of paint, and she's evoking a very different look.

I didn't manage to get in all the cracks as much as I'd like, but maybe I'll do a little touch-up when I have more time. I went over all the non-flesh colored parts with white first, then chose the best bright colors I could mix. The fire wings are many layers of oranges, reds and gold.

Here's a shot for scale:

I thought about going back in with a symbol or something, but I like that it's not completely obvious who she is. She came out pretty nice, and she's probably not going to eat your planet today.