Mainlining Christmas Presents: 25 Christmas Eves

Remember two years ago when I wrote five short stories for the blog in the midst of trying to review dozens of crappy specials and movies, and by the end of it I was almost ready to put my head through a brick wall?

Good times.

But at least my hard work was appreciated. I mean, just check out these enthusiastic quotes about the free compilation I dumped on Smashwords afterward (download yours today!):

Nothing cheery about these Christmas stories. Would not recommend it.
-Anonymous reviewer on Barnes & Noble's website

Though this collection of short stories was better than the other free books/short stories I've purchased on my nook, I still will not say it was very much worth reading.
-Reviewer on Goodreads

If the people want more, who am I to say no? With that in mind, I'm ready to announce something a little special this year. After slacking last year (three stories - really, I am embarrassed), I felt like I owed you a bit more this holiday.

That's why, starting at Midnight tonight, I'll be uploading fiction every day between now and Christmas. Think of it like a advent calendar, only with fiction instead of really crappy chocolate. Will the fiction sometimes be crappy? Almost certainly: I'm pumping this stuff out like no one's business. But I think there'll be a few good stories in there, too.

Oh. One more thing. Because I like to keep things thematic, every single one of these stories is going to be about Christmas Eve. What that means will vary from piece-to-piece. These will represent a wide variety of genres: I'm going to have horror, comedy, fantasy, science fiction, and others.

Okay, a few notes about logistics, just so I don't hear any of you whining about this later. I'm promising new fiction every day: that will usually entail a complete story, but a few of these are going to be too long. In total, I'm planning to post twenty-two new stories about Christmas Eve. For those of you who feel cheated, I'd point out that I posted three stories taking place on Christmas Eves last year, so that will, in fact, still add up to twenty-five.

First one goes live in six hours.