Podcast: Studio 360 on A Charlie Brown Christmas Soundtrack

I don’t have much time these days for Studio 360. A radio show from WNYC about art, creativity and culture, I have loved some episodes and been bored by others.

Even if I wanted to listen to it more often, it’s a weekly show that’s an hour long in full, and that’s a time commitment.

I do sometimes check out the podcast feed to see what’s been on recently. I have always loved the shows they’ve done about great American art and artists.

This year, the podcast replayed a fantastic interview from 2012 about the composition of the soundtrack to A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Even a Grinch like me likes the music to A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Even if you’ve never been curious about the composition of “Christmas Time is Here” and “Linus and Lucy,” the piece is only 7 minutes, and it’s definitely worth your time.

Hear from Jean Schulz, Jerry Granelli (the drummer who played with Guaraldi), and Lee Mendelson, the producer who worked closely with Schulz on the Christmas special, on Studio 360.