2016 Holiday Ads

I do like a well-done television spot; it’s like a tiny short film trying to get you to like a brand. I appreciate that Britain and other parts of the world really get into impressive Christmas ads, rather than wasting their money and effort on ads for some sporting event.

I’ve seen a lot of Christmas ads making the rounds this year; here are the ones I’ve liked the most so far. And if you haven’t seen these yet, you’re welcome.

Christmas with love from Mrs Claus

This is from Marks and Spencer, a British retailer which sells clothing, home goods and some food items. It’s pretty great, giving Mrs. Claus a Christmas wish to grant and a whole set of shiny secret toys of her own. The story of the family she visits isn’t surprising, but I thought the acting sold it. Also, I laughed out loud at the title of the book she’s pretending to read at the end.

Czego szukasz w Święta? | English for beginners

This one is from Polish online auction website Allegro. You will see the emotional punch coming a mile away, and I predict you won’t care because you’ll be too busy smiling and sniffling. It’s awfully sweet.

This is part of a series, their overall ad campaign “Czego szukasz” translates to “What are you looking for?” (Czego szukasz w Święta? is what are you looking for at Christmas.) Last year, the answer was “Nicholas.”

Frankie’s Holiday

A rare quality ad from an American company, this Apple ad takes a little while to get going, but it’s pretty cute once it does. Nice message.

The Greatest Gift

Sainsbury’s (a British grocery store) has gone all out with this stop-motion musical spot. The moral is a bit obvious, but I liked both the moment I suddenly thought it was about to go dark-sci-fi, and also what it did instead. Pleasant and hummable.