Ambient Mixer Christmas Sounds

When I’m bored of instrumentals, sometimes listening to “noise” helps me concentrate. has tools for building your own atmospheric mixes, and while I haven’t gotten into building my own, sometimes I like to see what other people have come up with. Of course I noticed that there was a section of holiday ambiances.

Here are the three most popular of the featured mixes:

Christmas Time

Well… this is unique. The most popular comment reads: “You've successfully combined Christmas and Halloween,” and I think that person is on to something.

There’s a creepy music box on the verge of running down, very loud footsteps and door sound periodically, and an oddly ominous Santa voice every so often.

This has many more views than anything else on the Christmas page, but I wouldn’t listen to it for long. I guess you could turn off the Santa phrase and use it for the background of a Christmas horror story.

Cosy Evening in the Winter Cottage

This is okay, I guess. The cat is a little too present for me, it sort of overwhelms the other elements.

Home for the Holidays

This is more what I expect from this site, and judging by the votes, I’m not the only one who likes this. This has a nice balance of fire crackles and other soft noises -- a clock, a page turn, a cat purring. There’s a music track underlaid very faintly, just enough to stay interesting without keeping your attention on the fact that you’re hearing the same music loop over and over.

One of the nice things about this website is the individual sliders. If you want more music and less page turn, you can adjust the volume of each independently.

Of course, the reason I even know about this site is that it’s been adopted by fans, although there are more Potterheads than there are followers of any property I’m personally a big fan of.

This means that there are two Hogwarts Christmas ambiances, and they are both nice, if unexceptional, blends of wind, clocks, faint music, and castle-ish noises. You can check them both out along with others in the featured Christmas section at the ambient mixer site.