Photos: Candy Cane Lane

In my search for more holiday cheer, I heard that there is a street in Ravenna (a neighborhood here in Seattle) which goes all out for Christmas.

Looks promising.

Now, the big thing you have to know about this is how busy it was. It's a small, residential street, and you can either drive through or park nearby and walk. It was around 9 p.m. on a Saturday when we stopped by, and the line of cars to get there was blocks and blocks long.

We parked and walked.

Almost all the houses had pretty cute decorations. Giant candy canes and the word "peace" in many languages were prominently featured.

The most impressive bit was the centerpiece, a 'carousel' around a hedge:

In motion:

The houses were very cute, although I'm not really sure why anyone would wait in that line of cars to drive through.

When we left after about 15 minutes, we saw that the line had died down a little.
However, some of the cars that we had been behind in line before we turned down a side street to park - the same cars we walked by on the way down to the display - were still waiting.

Always park and walk, my holiday-cheer-seeking friends. Always park and walk.  


  1. Saw this today, if you wish to look further. Also have you seen the house on the west side of 8th, around 90th? It's pretty splendid every year.

  2. Oh, great list! We'll see whether we can get to some of these.


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