Book Review: Wreck The Halls

Wreck The Halls
Jen Yates, 2011

I just finished reading through the new Cake Wrecks book, and Erin can vouch for the amount of giggling, laughing and snickering which escaped me as I did so.

If you enjoy Cake Wrecks the blog, you know what you're in for: photos of embarrasingly bad professional cakes and amusing, often punny commentary.

This collection is tied together by holiday themes, starting with Thanksgiving and running through New Years. There's an enjoyable side trip to sci-fi cakes, as well, but by far the most number of photos are of terrible Christmas cakes. Scary santas, misshapen reindeer, unidentifiable lumps of 'snow'; all are well represented.

I especially liked the chapter which 'illustrates' ' Twas the Night Before Christmas.

You can verify with a quick trip to whether this style of humor is up your alley. It's not necessarily for everyone, and the use of exaggerated fonts in the book sometimes pushes the jokes toward eliciting groans rather than laughs. Nevertheless, I very much enjoyed this collection.