Kirwan, Greenwood & Burns Present 2016 Soundcloud All​-​Star Holiday Spectacular

I want to take a moment and talk about this Christmas album, which you can download for free on Soundcloud. But first let's get the "full disclosure" part out of the way: the "Burns" in "Kirwan, Greenwood & Burns" is one of my oldest friends. He lent me the first Batman graphic novel I ever read for Christmas's sake.

Now that that's out of the way, this album contains some of the most unique, fascinating, gorgeous Christmas tunes I've come across. This stuff is amazing.

The album contains music from an assortment of international musicians. It doesn't adhere to any particular genre, but is unified by the collaboration's philosophy of updating "old-time" music with modern elements without losing the spirit of what's being adapted.

If you're a fan of modern folk music, you should check this out. Alternatively, if you like Celtic Punk or any of its offshoots, this is for you. Or, you know, if you're into good music in general, you should download this now.

The whole album is great, but there are a few songs on here that are truly unbelievable. My favorite two tracks, without question, are Entre Le Boeuf Et L'Ane Gris and Noel Nouvelet. These have quickly joined the short list of my all-time favorite Christmas recordings. Breaking Up Christmas isn't far behind, either.

Again, this is available for free here. I suggest you get a copy immediately.