Unexpected Peppermint 2016: Andes Peppermint Crunch Thins

A few years ago we chronicled some of the odd uses of peppermint that appear in stores around this time of year. Here’s another for the list.

Andes Mints are, of course, already mint, but these are both explicitly peppermint and in shiny red packaging.

Between this and the Peppermint Crunch Junior Mints (which are back this year, by the way), we've learned that the way you make something mint more Christmassy is by adding crunch

I did not know Christmas was crunchy. 

I assume that in both cases it's intended to be like bits of broken candy cane? 

The candy wrappers definitely have a candy cane thing going on.

The actual mints are... okay. They aren't as good as normal Andes Mints, the white chocolate-ish substance is okay, but the crunchy bits actually take away from the texture.

This is actually my favorite part. The package has some extra cardboard on the sides to prevent the mints from getting crushed (I believe this is the case with normal Andes mints as well). You just know that this little disclaimer exists because customer service was tired of getting calls from angry people who saw a part of the package that wasn't full of candy and couldn't be bothered to see that they were not getting ripped off.