Sporcle Christmas Quizzes!

Everyone got some time? Slow day at work? It had better be, because if you haven't been down the internet rabbit-hole known as Sporcle before, you're in for a treat.

Sporcle is a quiz site, and while not all the quizzes are great (they are submitted by users), the site is really addictive. Here I've picked out for you my favorite Christmas quizzes. Challenge yourselves!

Here's a funny one to get you started. Type in the name of the Christmas carol (or holiday song) indicated by the reworded clue. So "the holiday prior to this one" would be "Last Christmas" or "Can you register a sound that I am also registering" for "Do you hear what I hear" The clues aren't all as smoothly written as they could be, but many of them you'll probably be able to figure out even if you aren't familiar with the carol.

Now that you've had a warm up, the next two are also about Christmas songs:

This one's fun, too. Identify the song by a unique phrase from the lyrics. I did not get all of these on my first try, but I did think it was a blast to play.

A little harder in some ways and easier in others. This one's asking you to identify the song by the first line of the second verse. You don't have to guess these in order, so blind guesses sometimes pan out, and if you can figure out the rhythm, often you can place the song.

More in the mood for modern holiday tunes?

This is a guess-the-lyrics song, or rather a collection of songs. Guess words in any order, (hint: start with common, little words) and as they start to fill in the opening verses to a selection of modern holiday tunes, you can try to fill in the rest. Surprisingly difficult, but pretty fun.

Okay, you managed all that. Ready for something a little harder?

A "Safe Cracker" quiz, so you have less time and the answers are trickier. Make sure you read the directions! Each section of the quiz is unlocked with a password gained by completing the one before, and the multiple answers for each question must be entered in alphabetical order. I can beat this one, but I'm a professional. Good luck!