Seattle Center Lights

Seattle Center is all lit up for the holidays, so we took a few pictures.

Sponsored, as you can see, by T-Mobile.

Here's another picture of some of that view:

That is a radio or cell tower that's all lit up in the center, and it's actually pretty far away from where I was standing.

We went indoors for a bit, and found some more decorations and a model train.
(see separate post on that)

Sort of cute snowman with freaky-looking deer.

Back outside.

Erin walked down to play in the projections.

The fountain was still running in the dark, and still blaring music from the 90's.


  1. I don't know if the fountain is ALWAYS attuned to the music, but they do have specific fountain sequences timed to the music, and some are much better than others. Also I need to take y'all to Candy Cane Lane or Olympic Manor.


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