Holiday Tic Tacs

This year I spotted two types of Holiday Tic Tacs: Candy Cane and Merry Elf Mix. The box designs are kind of cute.

The Candy Cane Tic Tacs each have a little candy cane printed on them, which is an extra nice touch.

They taste... minty. What else do you want? I'm not sure I think they're candy cane specifically, they're closer to peppermint Altoid with a smidge more sugar.

The Merry Elf Mix is more interesting. It's advertising the flavors as green apple, white lime (whatever that is), and cranberry.

I don't often like apple flavoring, but I think this is pretty decent. It's a paler color than it looks in the picture, and it's a decent balance of tart and sweet for me.

The lime is even better. It's got enough citrus for the flavor to be clear, but sweetness as well. (It might even be better than orange, Tic Tac fans.)

I'm not sure cranberry is a great choice for a mint flavor, although it is nicely seasonal. However, I don't know that I would think it was cranberry rather than generally tart without the package telling me so. The lime is the best, in my opinion, but these are overall pretty darn good.