Game Review: Christmas Trivia Game

We picked up this card game on sale at a Go! Games and Toys in the mall after last Christmas.

It's as simple as can be: just a deck of cards and some very brief instructions. Each player selects one of four categories and another player reads the selected question off the top card. The first person to get two right in every category wins (you need to keep track on a piece of paper, not provided). It serves as many players as are willing to sit around the table with you.

Warning: the difficulty of the questions seems rather random. The cards are numbered subtly on the bottom and the group I played with had the impression that higher numbered cards were more difficult, but it’s hard to be sure. On each card the difficulty can vary wildly: A low-numbered card I just pulled up asks what year Silent Night was written (multiple choice), how tall a poinsettia can grow (multiple choice), asks you to know a specific line from the Visit from St. Nicholas poem, or asks what reindeer like most to eat in the wild (not multiple choice). A high-numbered card I pulled does have two very difficult questions, one mediocre one, and also asks what special gift was opened in The Nutcracker (they're looking for, "The Nutcracker"). It’s easy for the random fall of the difficulty to feel stacked against someone who keeps picking the category that happens to be the hard question on each successive card.

So this is more suited to casual trivia and chatter, not fierce competition. Sort of the way some groups play Trivial Pursuit without the board, just reading questions for the fun of it. We definitely enjoyed it, and even learned a little.