Christmas Card: Together for the Holidays

Don't you love the holidays? The way Christmas can bring us altogether? That's the thought that inspired this photo. Well, that and a piece of fruitcake that feels like it's gnawing its way through my rib cage, about to burst out with my intestines dangling off like... like...

Like tinsel on a freshly decorated Christmas tree. God, I love this time of year.

This picture, like those Nerdtivities we did last year, hasn't been adjusted beyond a little cropping. All props were present, and a blacklight was used to create the effect.

Of course, I had to take about a hundred different versions to get the one I wanted. Which actually has a few advantages - here's a little bonus Google generated automatically.

"Look, Ma! I found an ornament!"

Happy holidays, from your friends at Mainlining Christmas.