Toy Review: Disney Store Mickey's Christmas Carol Special Edition Figurine Playset

Lindsay and I stumbled across this during a recent trip to the Disney Store. It's a relatively new addition to an old line of plastic figurine sets. They've produced these for dozens of different properties: everything from classic movies, Pixar films, Phineas and Ferb, Marvel, and Star Wars has been produced.

Obviously, this one is based on the classic Disney Christmas special of the same name. It's one of the best nontraditional Scrooge adaptations out there. Actually, it's better than most traditional ones, too.

The packaging is nicely decorated in bright, holiday colors. The candy-cane lane backdrop certainly wasn't in the special, but it does a nice job showcasing the toys.

This set comes with six figurines (seven if you count the Scrooge/Tiny Tim display as two). Their heights vary a little from figure to figure, but they're about three inches tall. The poses selected are uniformly good, capturing the essence of characters and moments from the film.

It probably goes without saying, but these aren't articulated - they're essentially miniature statues.

The sculpt and paint are both fantastic for the price point. If you want to put these under a magnified glass, you can find a handful of trivial issues - the occasional molding error or a bit of paint creeping over the line - but these are minor.

The only complaint I'm left with is that the plastic stands, while visually appealing, are warped, which leaves some of the figurines a little wobbly. It's not a huge problem, but it's worth mentioning.

Picking a favorite is harder than usual: each of these has points that set them apart. The Scrooge/Tiny Tim piece really stands out, though: it's immediately recognizable and visually stunning. On close inspection, the Goofy/Marley might give it a run for its money, though - the pose on that one is really something, and the translucent plastic works extremely well.

This didn't set us back much, either: the set of six is priced at just fifteen dollars. Given the quality, that's a fantastic value. It doesn't hurt that the Disney Store seems to perpetually have these on sale, either - we got this on a buy one/get one for a dollar sale (we picked up a Frozen set at the same time).

Even without that deal, it would have been a great price. A few years ago, I wrote a tongue-in-cheek article where I suggested converting cheap toys into fake Hallmark ornaments. I mostly meant it as a joke, but these are on par with collectible ornaments costing as much or more than the entire set. Attaching hooks to these would require a little arts and crafts, but for less than twenty bucks, you'd have six ornaments as good as anything you'll find at the Hallmark Store. Twice as many if you score a similar deal to the one we got.