There are Snow Pets in my Pocket

Ah, Big Lots. When something just isn't good enough for Conway or National Wholesale Liquidators, it just might wind up there.

Lindsay and I wound up at a Big Lots a few months ago, and we came across this for five bucks. That's right: just five bucks. Needless to say, we had to own it.

You can see the love in their eyes as they stare through you. I mean, sure, their flocked fur is a bit mangy, and they look as though they might be carrying a disease, but this family of deer aren't short on love.

The antlers are incredibly flimsy: you can press them until the tips are touching with almost no pressure, then watch them snap back. That right there is play value.

In addition to the delightful family of reindeer, you also get a bonus pet. If you believe the back of the packaging, this guy's name is Grady, the Snow Grouse. If you instead believe your eyes, it's some sort of insect which wants to burrow into your flesh and lay eggs.

Christmas eggs.


  1. Oh my god, that thing is terrifying! It is the thing Christmas nightmares are made of!


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