Radio City Supplemental: Photos

Even though the stated policy wasn't "no photos", but rather "No Flash Photography", and plenty of people even ignored that, I only took a small handful of pictures at The Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Just enough to give you a taste.

In the lobby, when we came in, we were greeted by this:

It has to be at least 15 feet tall, it spins, and all of the little crystals are snowflakes. 
Here's the stage from our seats in the mezzanine:

And here I'm looking sideways across the mezzanine itself:

I took a few shots of one of the numbers I loved most: Christmas in NYC

The Rockettes rode the bus in choreographed fashion
and eventually changed their costumes for the finale of the sequence.

The Multiple Santa number was cute, but very odd:

and the Living Nativity was damn impressive. I mean, look:

Cool, right? Lots of people and bright costumes coordinated together, and there are live camels. I mean, not as cool as any number starring the Rockettes, but impressive. 

The video game number really made everything after it seem a little lackluster anyway. I didnt get any pictures of the video game number, but you can get an idea of how crazy and fun it was from the following: