We've been watching Christmas specials every day for over a week now.  I can feel my mind starting to splinter around the edges.

Last night Erin put on Santa Claus and The Three Bears. (Review coming eventually...) About fifteen minutes in, I learned that it was not a half-hour special, but rather an hour-long special.  (Well, 44 minutes, but you know what I mean.)

I practically strangled poor Erin, and then hid under the covers for the duration of that pile of crap.

It isn't as I've watched nothing else this week.  I went to see Tangled, and watched the Castle episode I had missed. (It was a really great episode, by the way)

I really feel like tomorrow should be Christmas already.  If it isn't, then WHY CAN'T I STOP THINKING ABOUT IT?  Seriously?  Not for weeks?

I might explode before this is over.

Although, I am interested to see the experiment through.  I'm a notorious humbug about the holidays, but I figure to test that.  By Dec 26, I'll either be so full of cheer that I'll bleed red and green, or I'll never want to celebrate this damn holiday again.

Right now I'm giving it even odds.