The 99 Most Essential Christmas Masterpieces

On some level, this album facilitated the experiment that is this site.  As such, I'm not sure if I should be grateful or angry at Amazon for making this available.

It turns out that if you want classical music, Amazon is happy to provide it in bulk for very little money.  I'm sure a lot of these recordings - or at least similar ones - are available for free, but this saves me the time of having to scour the internet for options.

I'm not sure the price will last, but I actually got this for $1.99, meaning I paid about two cents a song.  The recordings aren't fantastic, but then neither is my sound system.  The sheer number of pieces means I can put this on random and listen for hours on end without hearing the same songs over and over again.

Highly recommended if you want a collection of holiday music without the hassle that goes along with putting it together yourself.