George of the Jungle Christmas Episode (2007)

This is one of four "specials" that came on a DVD titled "The New Christmas Classics" I found at Best Buy for a whopping $4.99.  When the back said "George of the Jungle," I was hoping it was the original series.  Instead, it wound up being from the new Cartoon Network series.

There were a bunch of shorts included, but only two that were Christmas themed: two halves of a Christmas episode.

The first short, Jungle Bells, had Ursula trying to explain Christmas and bring it to the jungle.  I was disappointed that it was the new series, and I was trying not to like this.

But I failed.  It was funny, and it grew on me pretty fast.  By the time George searched the world looking for Santa, I was chuckling.

The second part was called, "The Goat of Christmas Presents," and dealt with the after effects of introducing George to the holidays and issues arising from him wanting Christmas more than once a year.  The goats motif alluded to in the title were fairly brilliant, and I enjoyed this one, as well.

These represent a solid Christmas episode.  I don't think I'd suggest anyone devote time or effort to tracking them down - they were good, but they weren't that good.  Still, if you're flipping through the channels and come across this, you could do a lot worse.