Fifth Avenue Walk, Part One: all fantasy girl window displays should include a kraken

Okay, I love window displays.  Macy's windows, by the way, are highly overrated.  Check out Fifth Avenue in Manhattan for some of the best displays.  I recently took a walk up Fifth Avenue, starting at around 48th street (just beside Rockefeller Plaza) and heading uptown.  

These first windows are from Saks Fifth Avenue.

It starts with a little girl and a cabinet.  There's some text somewhere about how her fantasies create the rest of the windows.  It's like Labyrinth crossed with high fashion.

The cabinet opens, and there's a model inside! This makes sense so far, right?

I actually love these windows.  The first of the "fantasy" windows features the little girl hunting clockwork bugs.  CLOCKWORK BUGS!

In the next, she's floating away on a balloon made of bubbles, and then riding a clockwork elephant.

This one is hard to see, I know.  She's riding a flying fish here.  (Don't forget these are all animatronic, so the bugs' wings move, the fish's fins flap, etc.)

The next window features what appears to be a bathosphere:

And then there's a giant octopus, or a kraken or something.  I love this window, it's so surreal.

She's riding an octopus-bubble carousel, or something here.

I guess this is a little spaceship?  I love the retro sci-fi look.

Leaving Saks, and heading uptown, the next decorated building was Cartier.

Followed by Fendi

Of course, I've never been inside any of these stores, but I like to look at the outside.

This hotel gets points for creative use of scaffolding.

Stay tuned for part two.  There's still more to see, including more sci-fi themed windows! 


  1. This can't possibly be real. I think you made up this magical girl dream display using your unnecessarily abundant collection of random action figures.


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