Toy Review: Monster High Abbey Bominable Scary Cute Howliday Figure

Still on the lookout for last minute gifts? This little lady is just three bucks at Target this year.

Monster High dolls are VERY popular, and thus they're expanding rapidly from the original doll line into every conceivable bit of merchandise. These little Christmas-themed figurines aren't fantastic quality, but again, they're only three bucks.

The back of the package shows all the choices. Each one is an established Monster High character, with a few appropriate holiday-themed additions.

I chose Abbey because she already had a bit of a winter theme, being an abominable snowwoman and all. It's just a short step to give her a little holly and her friend there a Santa hat to make her a Christmas character.

She stands about 3 inches tall, and is permanently attached to her base, which features the Monster High logo. The paint work is far from perfect, but I've seen much worse on things this size. 

The snowflake piece is made of flexible plastic, so those spines are unlikely to break off or injure anyone. Overall, really not bad for a cheap stocking-stuffer.

Abbey contemplates her tiny plastic doppelganger.