Nerdtivity: Melee

First of all, I'm pleased to report that our first Nerdtivity, Away Team in a Manger, has won the democratic portion of the Nerdtivity contest. Victory is ours!

Today's Nerdtivity is inspired by my all-time favorite video game, Super Smash Bros. Melee. They should really include this level in the next version.

In case anyone's wondering, all the Nerdtivity scenes we're posting were done without digital alteration beyond cropping and/or minor color correction. All objects were physically present at the time the image was taken.

I know I said we were going to do one a day, but got a little carried away creating Nerdtivities and ran out of days to present them. To that end, we're adding three bonus Nerdtivities to tomorrow's schedule. Look for them throughout the day.