Musical Interlude, Part 5

I hope you didn't think we were done. Plenty more holiday music for me to sit through.

Album: Come All Ye Faithful: Rock for Choice
Artist: Various

This one's interesting. It's a alternative rock compilation of Christmas music that was produced to raise money for pro-choice causes. Of course, like 90% of my new music, I found this used for a buck, so I can't exactly pretend that I was doing any good by buying it. I wasn't expecting much from this: I'm generally skeptical when it comes to politically motivated entertainment, even when it's something I agree with.

However, this is easily one of my favorite new albums - it may even deserve a spot on my all time favorite Christmas albums list. The music is a major deviation from pretty much everything else in my collection, and I honestly don't believe there's a track on here I don't like.

Album: Under the Mistletoe
Artist: Justin Bieber

I kind of felt bad that I'd ended up with so much decent music this year, so I decided to buy Justin Bieber's album to atone. As expected, it's pretty painful. Stylistically, it's basically just modern pop, which is damn near the bottom of the list of things I'd want to listen to.

The one track I didn't completely hate was "Drummer Boy", which was done with Busta Rhymes. The result was kind of fun, but that's mostly in spite of Bieber.

Album: Peace
Artist: Jim Brickman

Not much to say about this: it's just piano music for the most part. Some of the tracks feature various other musicians and singers: these are definitely more interesting to listen to, but they're still nothing all that special.

Album: Raffi's Christmas Album
Artist: Raffi

With all due respect to the generation of children who grew up with this guy's music, as well as his commendable political and social stances, I found this pretty tedious to sit through. This album has another version of the song "Old Toy Trains," which I was introduced to on the Nana Mouskouri CD I picked up, but I find this one far less interesting to listen to.

Album: Silly Songs and Other Christmas Classics
Artist: Various

This is an odd little compilation. It's just eight tracks, including Grandma Got Runover by a Reindeer, (I'm Gettin') Nuttin' for Christmas, and I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus. That said, there's a version of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas on here by Art Carney that's bizarre and fun. I got this for next to nothing, so that one track made it worth it.

Album: Silver and Gold: 24 Best Loved Carols
Artist: Burl Ives

Oh good. Another Burl Ives album. While these classics certainly have their place, a little goes a long way. I'm honestly not sure why anyone would want to sit through twenty-four tracks in a row.

Album: Snowed In
Artist: Hanson

Sure, it's cloying, but I can now attest that Hanson's Christmas album is significantly better than Justin Bieber's. This blog sure is expanding my horizons.