Darkwing Duck: It's a Wonderful Leaf (1993)

This is a cute episode which is unfortunately fragmented.  In general, Darkwing Duck doesn't hold up as well as I wish it did. I still find it amusing, but often it's far too slapsticky for my taste.  (Whenever the writers turn up the seriousness just a little, it becomes a much better show.)

This episode starts out pretty good, but fizzles towards the middle. The main story revolves around Bushroot taking over the town's Christmas trees and setting them to stealing presents. I wished that there was a smidge more explanation of his plotting, or that he were a bit more competent.

It's just too much plot for the episode length.  There isn't enough prep time for the B-plot (Gosalyn switching from being selfish about presents to being charitable) to have any emotional weight. There isn't enough attention paid to the details of what's happening, so following the events gets dicey.

There are some amusing bits, and a few jokes that land.  I wish that I could recommend this, but it is just mediocre.


  1. The thing about Darkwing Duck is, I remember it being a good show, and every time I see an episode now, I just have to confront the horrible truth....

    It isn't.


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