Food Review: Dryck Julmust

In line at IKEA is not necessarily where you first think to pick up something Christmassy, even though all the decorations are near the registers. (Incidentally, I really enjoy looking at IKEA Christmas decorations. I don’t even know why; they aren’t that different. But so many light up!)

This year, however, we ran across this:

“Swedish Festive Drink”

On the back, it adds: “Aromatized Carbonated Soft Drink”

So of course, after chilling per instructions, we had to try it.

What did it taste like? Mostly, a whole lot of not much.

It smells of something that I can’t quite define. Something I recognize but can’t put a name to.

It tastes mostly of water and sugar and that carbonated bitterness common to most drinks containing copious CO2.

There’s a faint taste of something vaguely fruity, but not fruit, like a lollipop flavor. Erin said it tastes like expired, watered down Pepsi. He’s not that far off. The bottle lists both hops flavor and malt flavor, and I guess that must be the vaguely familiar scent and tang.

Neither as bad or as good as we might have hoped, this festive drink fell a bit flat.