Holiday Products: Unexpectedly Peppermint

In our quest to experience the full breadth of Christmas, this year we purchased a good number of products that were slightly... unexpected. 

This is not an exhaustive list by a long shot of things going candy-striped for the holidays, just some of the ones we came across.

First we'll take a look at a Limited Edition ice cream. Dreyer's (Edy's east of the Rocky Mountains) has a seasonal flavor: Peppermint Wonderland.

This is the low-fat version. The full-fat variation has more explicitly Christmas packaging, with candy canes and all. I really couldn't say why the low-fat is more 'generic winter' looking...

In any case, it's peppermint flavored ice cream with slightly gooey peppermint candy bits.

I liked it, although it was a bit strong. Erin was less enthusiastic.

 With the addition of a little Hershey's syrup, however, even he pronounced it "fine". 
And then he ate the rest.

Next, let's add mint to something that is already a mint.

Take a look at this package:

Real Junior Mints made with a real candy crunch. Because counterfeit Junior Mints rolled in fake glass candy are so plentiful..?

These.... look even less appetizing than normal Junior Mints. They have uneven boils:

They don't taste half bad, and the peppermint bits add an interesting texture, but actually the whole effect is a little too much mint at once for my palate. 


Not Peppermint. Candy Cane. 

Complete with gift tag for stuffing the stockings of those who don't deserve actual candy.

And here's what it looks like:

Actually I like this quite a bit. It doesn't taste like anything, but the mint smell is quite strong. It makes my lips tingle and feel cold. This isn't entirely a pleasant feeling, but it's very interesting. Also, Erin keeps getting confused about whether or not I'm brushing my teeth at odd times in the day. 

I call that win-win-win.