Christmas Reading

Because I know you can't get enough of reading me prattle on and on about Christmas HERE, I thought it would be a good time to remind you that I've written a novel about Mr. Claus. You can get my fantasy novel, For Love of Children, in print or for just about any e-format you need.

And that's not all. I've marked the electronic versions down for the holidays. That's right - you can buy For Love of Children for Kindle, Nook, or... what the hell's Sony's reader called again? Oh, who cares - no one owns one of those anyway.

So, yeah. Kindle, Nook, whatever: it's yours for a measly 99 cents. Less than a buck.

Here's where you can buy it on Amazon.

Here's where you can get it for, well, anything and everything on Smashwords (recommended if you own multiple devices and want more than one format).

If you own a Nook, you can get it at Barnes & Noble's online store here.

All of the above sites offer free samples, but Smashwords will give you a bigger chunk.

Of course, I know damn well that some of you are cheapskates looking for a handout. Like my taxes don't already pay for your workhouses and prisons.

Oh, well. It is Christmas, after all, and with that in mind, I released this free collection of short Christmas cheer last December, collecting a handful of short holiday fiction pieces from this very blog (and one not-so-short story exclusive to the collection.

You can download "A Man of Snow and Other Seasonal Stories" in any and all formats at Smashwords. Alternatively, Nook owners can get it at Barnes & Noble.