Another Black Friday, Come and Gone

The day after Black Friday is always bittersweet. Not because of those who are trampled to death by throngs of rabid shoppers (there's no need to grieve - those who fall on Black Friday will rise again in Valhalla's Megamart, the greatest of all fates), but because we know we'll have to wait an entire year before the next.

As you've probably guessed, these photos are from our semi-annual Black Friday Party, where we offer friends a place to rest before they head out for a final round of shopping (we assume).

We gathered together, shared some laughs, and reflected on the true meaning of the holiday. Turns it it's consumerism. If you had consumerism on your scorecard, congratulations - you're a winner.

But as much as we'd love to hold onto this moment, Black Friday also serves as a reminder: there's only 395 shopping days until Christmas 2018 (I'm assuming everyone's already prepared for this Christmas - otherwise you're in serious trouble).

So as much as it pains us, we have to say goodbye. We need to pull the decorations off the Black Friday Tree, return it to its box, seal that box in its sarcophagus inscribed with holy symbols of binding, then toss that in the garage.

Then we can start decorating for Christmas.