Welcome Back. Again.

My, time flies. It feels like just yesterday we were taping our eyelids open and forcing ourselves to watch low-budget CG holiday specials and musicals that would make an angel vomit. And yet here we are again, ready to experience Christmas in all its infinite horror. Indeed, the holidays are upon us again, and as ever we are here to meet them.

When we first started Mainlining Christmas, we were at the mercy of mail-order DVDs, our limited collection, and what we could find languishing in the clearance section of used book stores. But the eleven years Mainlining Christmas has been running has seen the explosion of streaming services, making it easier than ever for the yuletide aficionado to transport their imagination to a winter wonderland. Well, more often than not I suppose it's more like a sewage processing center located in a winter wonderland, but the point still holds.

If you'd told me eleven years ago that we'd not only still have enough material to keep running this blog but would in fact have to be more discerning as to what we were reviewing, well, I'd have broken down into tears at the very idea we'd still find ourselves compelled by some unknown force to continue this madness. But I'd also have been kind of surprised there was that much new Christmas stuff coming out.

All of which is a roundabout way of acknowledging we're definitely missing stuff. We try and do anything that seems unique, whether that means things that are particularly good, bad, weird, or just bizarre. But obviously, lots of things still fall through the cracks.

Which is where we hope you'll come in. If there's something interesting - and make no mistake, interesting can mean awful - you don't see in our archive, please let us know. We probably won't ever manage to get to everything, but we will never stop trying.


  1. Have you seen the Netflix series “Happy!” with Christopher Melloni? That is the darkest, wildest TV-MA Christmas rollercoaster I ever hope to experience.

    1. No! I remember hearing about it, but I missed there was a Christmas connection. I'll add it to the list - thanks!


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